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…My name’s Alex. I write words which sell and a bit of fiction for fun.

My copy has doubled, trebled, even quadrupled clients’ sales. And, because I’m either stupid or praise-hungry, I blog about how I did all this and more. As you can imagine, there’s a lot on this site. So give me 3 minutes to show you the stuff that’s most relevant to you.

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I’ve helped clients get some whopping results with their email lists. Even abandoned lists which had been left to stagnate…Even cold lists which had never been mailed. Yet I have a confession:

Whatever your business, I believe you should write at least some of your emails yourself. You. The person running the show.

Those people on your email list are some of your hottest prospects. And they don’t just want to read your boring-ass ‘content.’ They want to deal with  somebody who sounds like a real human-being. This is what the exercise helps you achieve.

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If you don’t like what I send, just unsubscribe. It’s my house, my rules. I am the Sheriff. My word is the law.

Fortunately, most people love what I send. And I promise to always deliver my best effort to make sure you feel the same. To get you started:

Here are 3 articles which knocked the socks off my readers…

1. Want to halve your work hours and double your productivity? 

Let me show you a weird and little-known ‘productivity hack‘ I discovered – by doing the opposite of everyone else.

2. Do you freelance, or run a small business?

Here are 5 easy ways to rid yourself of desperation.

3. Do you keep wasting money while guru-chasing?

Here’s what I discovered after blowing $2000 on a stupid online course.

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