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…My name’s Alex. I write words which sell and a bit of fiction for fun.

My copy has doubled, trebled, even quadrupled clients’ sales. And, because I’m either stupid or praise-hungry, I blog about how I did all this and more. As you can imagine, there’s a lot on this site. So give me 3 minutes to show you the stuff that’s most relevant to you.

Here are 3 articles which knocked the socks off my readers…

1. Want to halve your work hours and double your productivity? 

Let me show you a weird and little-known ‘productivity hack‘ I discovered – by doing the opposite of everyone else.

2. Do you freelance, or run a small business?

Here are 5 easy ways to rid yourself of desperation.

3. Do you keep wasting money while guru-chasing?

Here’s what I discovered after blowing $2000 on a stupid online course.

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Alex Busson