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I always hated the asterisk. * Grrrr, just looking at it has me triggered. Because it’s the caveat punctuation mark… The punctuation which copywriters are forced to use by compliance departments. It tells the reader: “There’s small print below. There’s a catch. This deal is really NOT that good.” It gets in the way of [...]

Have you noticed this too? I’ve seen a trend happening at my local bookshop. All these self-help books now have prime shelf-space: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck Get Your Shit Together Fuck Love Fuck Feelings Zero Fucks Given Unfuck Yourself …And so on. I suppose dropping a swear into your title is [...]

In case you need more proof that the world is totally insane… …Germany could be just one quarter away from recession. And they’re already issuing bonds with NEGATIVE yields. Yes, if you buy one of these bonds, and hold it to maturity, you’re actually guaranteed to LOSE money. It’s a trend that’s happening the world over. And [...]

Do You Believe It Was Suicide?

One of this week’s biggest news stories was the death of Manhattan sex-monster Jeffrey Epstein… …An apparent suicide in his cell. I say ‘apparent’ because nobody believes it’s suicide. Literally no one. I haven’t met a single person who thinks Epstein did it. Even the mainstream media seem skeptical – talking about the ‘mysterious’ end [...]

Free Shit 2020

I’m not even American and I’m watching through my fingers… …I just can’t stop following this Democratic Clown Show. Candidates outbidding each other with the promises of magical unicorns and rainbows. “Free college tuition for all.” “Free childcare.” “Free money.” ….”Free ice cream cones. Free…Free…FREE!!!” I’m not anti-American. I LOVE America. It’s why I’m watching these debates in [...]

The past few weeks, I’ve been crying and licking my wounds… …After one of my stocks took a 70% hit on the market. It’s no big deal. It happens now and again. That’s why you never invest more than you can afford to lose, and always diversify your holdings. But that doesn’t mean I have [...]

This shocked me, it’ll shock you. According to ZeroHedge, Facebook user numbers in the UK have dropped. And not by a little… …By a LOT. “Since June 2018, several months after news of the Cambridge Analytica scandal was revealed, activity on Facebook’s mobile app in the UK dropped 38% through June 2019.” Personally, I hope it’s true. I [...]

Wifey works for the government, so she hardly works much at all. It got me thinking about the hip ‘nomadic’ lifestyle of Millennial New Richdom. Plenty of copywriters are living their lives on the road. “Why don’t we do the same?” I told Wifey. “We could pack up the dog and buy a trailer…drive it [...]

Once a year or so, I peruse Ben Settle’s deadly ‘Success Villains’ books. Settle explains that, in order to win money, love and respect, you have to behave like a villain. It’s incredibly fascinating, and I can’t recommend these books enough. Nowadays, the need to become a villain is only getting more and more crucial. Especially [...]

I spend much of this blog – some would say too much – lamenting the hot new ‘IPO Unicorns.’ These are newly-public companies floating on the stock market for $billions…even though many are haemorrhaging cash faster than some governments. Call me cynical, but I often wonder if it’s an exit strategy for these companies’ founders [...]