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Wifey works for the government, so she hardly works much at all. It got me thinking about the hip ‘nomadic’ lifestyle of Millennial New Richdom. Plenty of copywriters are living their lives on the road. “Why don’t we do the same?” I told Wifey. “We could pack up the dog and buy a trailer…drive it [...]

Once a year or so, I peruse Ben Settle’s deadly ‘Success Villains’ books. Settle explains that, in order to win money, love and respect, you have to behave like a villain. It’s incredibly fascinating, and I can’t recommend these books enough. Nowadays, the need to become a villain is only getting more and more crucial. Especially [...]

I spend much of this blog – some would say too much – lamenting the hot new ‘IPO Unicorns.’ These are newly-public companies floating on the stock market for $billions…even though many are haemorrhaging cash faster than some governments. Call me cynical, but I often wonder if it’s an exit strategy for these companies’ founders [...]

I don’t get any respect on social media, my dog gets more respect. The best thing about being a dog is you never get trolled. Anyone who dares to troll you gets trolled by the animal activist trolls. You get protection. It’s a dog’s life, it’s easy. My wife set up an Instagram account for [...]

Hey look, I’ve been there. An amazing idea pops into your head, and all you want to do is hit the ground and run. It’s fun and productive with low-risk pursuits. But in business it gets awfully dangerous awfully fast. I think of this whenever I watch shows like Shark Tank or Dragons’ Den. Wide-eyed [...]

Back in the mid-20th Century, there was an advertising genius called James Webb Young. He wrote a tiny little book called ‘A Technique for Producing Ideas,’ and what made it so extraordinary was it explains – quite simply – how to turn big problems over to your subconscious mind. Yes, if you set up your mind [...]

My First Brexit Post…

…I’ve been warned to steer clear of controversial topics like Brexit. “Keep your nose clean,” say the mentors. “Stay out of trouble.” But the other night I saw the HBO movie Brexit and it hit me – if  we can’t talk about these thorny issues then we’re missing some valuable life lessons. Business ones too. It [...]

Here’s what’s great about Eddy. He’s not afraid to run any copy we send him. (And I think it’s made the difference of about 500% to his sales.) But last week we doubled down on the risk. Eddy got in touch to say this: “The porn star e mail we sent I believe was one [...]

Fear and Trolling in Las Vegas

This happened last week at the Las Vegas Money Show. I was sat next to a Youtube troll at the Peter Schiff talk on gold. In case you don’t know Peter Schiff, he’s one of the great ‘Doom and Gloom’ pundits on the U.S. economy. And it was a solid talk. He was in full [...]

Wifey and I were browsing houses in Nova Scotia. A quirky Realtor popped up with this comic property description: It seems odd, doesn’t it? Who wants a house with ‘ugly carpets’, ‘cracks in the plaster,’ and ‘a lot of rooms that just don’t fit together’? But you see, it’s actually one of the easiest ways [...]