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One of my favourite movies is “Amadeus.” It’s all about the 18th Century’s musical weirdo, Mozart. It perfectly captures the torment and frustration of creativity. The agony of wanting a breakthrough, while struggling to get it. The difficult balancing act between focus and relaxation – where your creativity emerges and you tap into “the voice [...]

Success Secret of a 300lb Muscle Monster

My all-time favourite bodybuilder is British monster Dorian Yates. Bodybuilding connoisseurs might tell you Arnie had better proportions. But shredded down to 3% body fat, Dorian was a 275lb beast. He won 6 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles. And, most amazing of all… …Dorian spent LESS time in the gym than many of his competitors. His [...]

Really I should chase them down for numbers. “Crushing it” just isn’t detailed enough for my nitpicky direct response brain. But that’s what Motley Fool UK’s marketing director says this landing page is doing. This 3000-word order form was written in late Spring, and it’s still going strong. I mentioned recently the debate between long copy [...]

“Never start thinking you’re wonderful.” This was the first bit of advice my mentor Drayton Bird gave me. Even if you’re super-successful, when you believe your own B.S. you start believing you cannot fail. So you’re more likely to abandon the tried and true methods which made you a success in the first place. Which [...]

Canada election update:  The other day my barber asked what I thought of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I was the customer, so what the hell? I gave her my answer straight: “Trudeau is slimy and corrupt. I have never seen a politician so incompetent and inept. He talks like a moron. Everything which comes out [...]

If you’re looking for a private jet, now could be a good time to buy. Because you can now scoop up the Gulfstream G650 for a cool $40million. Considered the most luxurious private jet, the G650 has an 8000 mile range. At lower speeds, you can fly from London to Buenos Aires non-stop. $40million may [...]

I had a client recently ask: “Hey, Alex. I find what you do fascinating, and was wondering if you have a few book recommendations to help me understand it better.” Well, I could have suggested 20…30…40 books. “But you should stick with just 3,” I replied. Here they are: your 3 most important copywriting books: [...]

I don’t like Central Banks. Personally, I think they should be abolished. Go back to a gold standard and let the free markets decide interest rates. Just the idea – that a handful of unelected bureaucrats know better than the entire free market – is complete lunacy. And you can hear it in their words. [...]

This Copy Debate Never Dies

No matter how many times I slay this argument… …It always reawakens like an undead zombie. “Which is better?” people ask. “Long copy or short?” The real answer is neither. You need enough copy. That is: however much it takes to make the person buy. Though for most people that’s more copy than they originally thought – [...]

Robo-Toll Destroys Car Park’s Profits

It’s happening. Not even Andrew Yaang can stop it. The robot job-takeover is upon us. And it’s not just truck drivers and warehouse workers in trouble. Even business-owners could see their profits killed by robots and automation. Killed by sheer stupidity. Because people like dealing with people. It’s a cardinal rule of marketing. And let’s face [...]