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Amazing, isn’t it? After blowing some $40 billion on share buybacks…and artificially inflating their executives’ pay…and taking on a monstrous amount of low-interest debt…during years of relentless engineer cost-cutting…and developing an aeroplane that inexplicably falls out of the sky… …Boeing needs a bailout.  And I pray to God they fail. It all comes down to [...]

Pay attention to your body. You can use it to pinpoint emotions you might not otherwise have noticed. This can be a huge benefit to your work. It can free you from the ravages of writer’s block…point you in new directions…tell you what to do if you’re stuck. I discovered this trick from Chade Meng [...]

Stuck in quarantine, I’ve taken the opportunity to pick up some new skills. Have you seen Malcolm Gladwell’s online Masterclass? If you’re interested in writing, I thoroughly recommend it. No matter what you’re writing – ads…articles…maybe even fiction – you can pick up some amazing ideas from the best non-fiction writers. They know how to [...]

I have an inner-troll that’s hard to keep underground. I can’t help it. Whenever I see another asinine comment, my keyboard fingers get itchy. Like when I see people discussing the price they’ll start buying Tesla shares. Or praising the government’s covid-“stimulus.” It takes huge resolve to resist hitting ‘Send,’ but I always resist. Sometimes I [...]

During WWII, the Nazis embarked on a short-lived campaign called ‘Operation Bernhard.’ The aim was to forge British bank notes and drop them on major cities instead of bombs. As free cash falls from the sky, the people would be driven into a buying frenzy – bidding up the prices of goods. The value of [...]

Picasso was once asked, “How do you carve such a beautiful, realistic wooden elephant?” To which he replied: “By chipping away all the parts that don’t look like an elephant.” Aside from being funny, I find it’s a valuable lesson in building your email list. I often meet clients who are terrified of offending readers. One [...]

What if you were Mike Bloomberg? Could you show your face at the office? On his dismal Presidential campaign, Bloomberg’s own news outlet reported: “He spent $505.8million on broadcast, cable, radio and digital ads, according to Advertising Analytics. That’s an average of $5.5million a day since he officially became a candidate.” Another amazing fact: Bloomberg spent $190million [...]

Television has some of the worst advertising. But the worst of the worst has to be for cars. There’s a Subaru commercial I keep seeing while my wife watches The Bachelor. This advert compares the 2020 Subaru outback to a goat. I’m not even even joking. You can see one of the adverts here.  Their genius reasoning [...]

I recently read that Warren Buffett is sitting on $150billion of unused cash. The markets are so crazy right now, he must not know where to park it. (A tragedy for the world’s greatest ever investor.) Cash is a festering pile of manure. Spreading it around is productive. You can help new enterprises grow. Leave [...]

I never wanted to be a copywriter. Not at first. When I was 15, I wrote short stories and movie scripts. I had a couple of friends who were the same. We poured over Tarantino screenplays, then wrote embarrassing replicas of our own. Then we got cameras and shot a few. Then I went to [...]