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I’m taking a blogging break

Call it a ‘sabbatical.’

It feels like the right time.

The first person I saw do this was the habits blogger James Clear.

Taking a break from the repetitive, day-to-day tasks, he said, was essential for refuelling the mind with ideas. And for getting a fresh perspective.

It’s why he sometimes stepped away from his blog – and why I’m doing the same from today.

I’ve always shared ideas on this blog fired-up, because I do love helping people with their marketing, or whatever skills I can use. And I happen to hold strong, controversial opinions, which are always interesting to share.

But lately it has felt like I’m going through the motions.

I scratch around for blog ideas, write, then breathe a sigh of relief. Then, before you know it, it’s Monday again, and so the process starts over. Your attention deserves more than I can offer right now.

Life has become boring and repetitive.

I need to break away – throw myself into something completely different for a while. Then, when I do eventually return (which I definitely will), I should have fresh ideas and perspectives to share.

I believe that insatiable curiosity is central to living well. And in moments like this – when life seems hopeless and stagnant – it’s important to reach out. To try something new. Take on a gargantuan challenge. Or get a fresh outlook by helping people less fortunate.

These experiences might demand deep, immersive thinking – not possible with the constant interruption of social media or a blog.

So it is, for now, adieu.

I hope to see you again when I return.

I’ll still be working with my current clients. And you are, of course, always welcome to send me an email.

(I’m not becoming a hermit – just simplifying my life for a while.)

If you’ve been reading my weekly posts at all, I am most grateful, and respect your time.

But that respect is exactly why I’ve decided to take this break.

All the best,