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What to ask yourself before you quit your career

You have to ask yourself serious questions when a doctor envies a copywriter.

But that may be where we’re heading.

I was breezing through our agency’s latest surveys. These go out to our email list, so we know who’s signing up, and what they want.

Anyway, one respondent was a real-life physician…trying to master copywriting as a career move. This amused me.

Not to make light of the man’s distress, but why would a doctor – with the skills to make a $quarter-million salary easy – suddenly want to slum it with us hacks?

I can think of 2 reasons. Both should be considered with extreme caution.

  1. He wants to learn copy in order to increase his patient numbers. In this case he shouldn’t learn copy at all. He should find a quality health/medical copywriter (not me), and pay them generously for results. This copywriter should more-than pay for themself. And the client can focus on being a doctor.This rule, by the way, applies to anyone. Are you mowing your own lawn? Clearing your own gutters? Stop doing those things. Pay someone else to do it for you. And don’t, whatever you do, try learning copy for your own business. A copywriter is a gutter cleaner. You’ve better things to do with your time.
  2. He hates being a doctor, and wants to become a copywriter. In this case I have more sympathy. I too have experienced those career-crises that make you want to run for the nearest window. But take it from me: the grass is never greener.I’ve seen the insides of a good many industries, and all of them have something to dislike. So take a breath and give it thought.
  • Are you good at what you do?
  • Does it help people?
  • Are they grateful to pay you?
  • Are you at least grateful to be alive on a Monday morning?

If you can answer “yes” to those questions, chances are you’re already in an okay place.

You should spend some time analysing your own attitudes. Revisit the books and teachings that inspired you to take up this career in the first place. You can – and should – change careers if you never feel any different.

But if you can find some happiness in what you’re already doing, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money.

And you won’t waste time wondering if us copywriters have it so good.

We don’t.