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“Gold Daddy” reveals how to excite without the hype

If you’re a fellow gold-bug, then let me give you my sincere congratulations.

Gold hit all-time record highs this week, and it’s looking like a very good long-term bet. Tell you the truth, it has made me insufferable.

All this week, I’ve been grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I call myself “Gold Daddy,” and even made-up a song about it, which I sing around my wife while she tries to work from home.

Nevertheless, Gold Daddy has a critical eye, and not every precious metals investment will pique his interest.

A couple of months ago, a good example arrived – an envelope stuffed in my letterbox. No address. No salutation. It wasn’t targeted.

It was pure coincidence that they found me – their absolute #1 ideal prospect. The letter boasted a “Tiny little-known gold stock that could easily soar 500% or higher!!!”

What’s wrong with this approach?

Actually, I’m not about to slam the copy. Yes, it was over-the-top, but that wasn’t the real crime. The big mistake was pairing that type of copy with the wrong type of prospect.

Whenever you make a claim in your copy, your reader is thinking, “eff you, prove it.” That’s why you can’t just lay down claims willy-nilly. You must use a little finesse. Meanwhile, if your reader is a cold prospect – as I was – their cynicism will be all the more intense.

In such cases, it makes sense to tone your copy down – even if you don’t pack such a heavy punch. Don’t bring up your reader’s guard too soon. And if you do, make sure you back it up fast. Otherwise you’re giving yourself a mountain to climb. You may even lose their interest straight away.

A few easy ways to make this headline perform better:

1. Start the headline with ‘Why…’: “Why this tiny gold stock could be about to soar 500%.” The word ‘why’ suggests there’s a unique reason for this to happen. You’re not just blowing hot air. It also creates an open-loop. The reader has to read on to discover the big secret.

2. Phrase the headline as a question: “Could this tiny gold stock soar 500%?” This doesn’t make your reader so cautious. You’re inviting them to weigh-in on the claim, and see what they think for themselves. Remember, people love to buy, but hate being sold. Question headlines are a great way to lead your reader to your conclusion, without it being forced.

3. Annouce a USP: “This little-known gold company has a secret patented smelter…and it could send its stock soaring 500% or more.” This is similar to the ‘Why’ headline. You’re not just beating your chest. You’re giving a reason for why the claim is true.

Anyway, that’s just about all.

But also, don’t forget to consider all of your reader’s objections – and be sure to overcome them in your copy.

My big objection was: “If this company is so hot, why hasn’t the market cottoned on? Why are they reduced to stuffing its ticker symbol through peoples’ letter boxes?”

Those questions were never answered, so of course I didn’t buy.

It’s why I cover these bases in your marketing brief template, found here.

A quick note: I’m not looking for clients right now, but may be sometime in the future. After all, you don’t need me to tell you how fast things are moving, and how fast things can change. Look at everything that’s happening.

Look at gold!