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[Short Post] How to Never Worry About Anything Ever Again

The past couple of years, I’ve been studying ‘Stoicism.’

It’s an ancient philosophy for building resilience and inner-peace.

Many of the great historical figures were stoics. George Washington, Marcus Aurelius and Seneca etc. Anyway, probably the most useful stoic teaching I’ve heard is this:

Focus on what you can control. Let go of anything you can’t.

It’s straightforward, and you may have heard it before.

But it’s a tidbit of wisdom I come back to again and again. It keeps you on an even keel.

All too often, you see people in a frenzy over Brexit or Trump, the economy, or whether Jeff Bezos has paid his taxes. And I’ll admit, I do this myself.

The good news is, you can always choose to focus on those things you do control. You can always choose the stoic way.

If you want to improve your marketing a good place to start is your list.

Ask them, “What’s your biggest problem? How difficult has this been to solve?”

Focus your energy on solving people’s biggest problems.

That’s where you have control.