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D.C. Insider’s Apocalypse Beating Portfolio

One of my favourite financial pundits is “CIA Insider” Jim Rickards.

He’s supposedly connected with top brass in Washington and the Pentagon. Some of whom cannot even be named.

Rickards’ research into the inevitable collapse of the global financial system is a big reason I started buying gold.

In his excellent book Aftermath Rickards talks about the great European dynasties who’ve – amazingly – kept their wealth through centuries of turmoil. No matter what happens, they survive. How?

Rickards suggests splitting your savings like so:

  • Physical gold/silver (10%)
  • Cash – some in physical notes (30%)
  • Real estate – preferably with agricultural space in case of soaring food prices (20%)
  • Museum-quality fine art (5%)
  • Angel and early investing capital (10%)
  • Hedge funds (5%)
  • Bonds – high quality. Sovereign only (10%)
  • Stocks – Natural resources, mining, energy, utilities and tech (10%)

Obviously, this portfolio is only possible if you’re filthy rich. (Who else can jump into a hedge fund?.)

But I have another bone to pick.

You see, it’s also missing one more crucial asset:


Because even a modest marketing investment can keep paying you back while the world burns.

Just 3 of my emails helped one fitness client net $30,000.

Another client – in B2B data – now converts 80% of customers within 5 days of getting them on his list. A customer who’s bought from you before is more likely to buy again. So this has huge windfalls down the road.

My point is, of all the investments you can make – even gold – few can offer the risk/reward premium of quality sales copy.

And it’s easy to get started. Here’s where to begin.