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Bizarro New World Where All Bad News Is Good

Weak manufacturing numbers pour in…

…and the markets rally!

This actually happened the other week on the Dow.

“Bad manufacturing numbers will mean a rate cut from the Fed,” the markets assume. “Everyone will believe that’s good news for stocks, so they’re certain to keep going up.”

Welcome to the Bizarro, upside-down world of cheap money.

It seems investing in a red-lining stock market is still your best way to pull in paper profits. And that’s not all.

Go to Denmark. You could make money by taking out a mortgage. Negative interest rates pay you to take on debt…and charge you fees for saving. It’s complete madness.

This cannot go on.

It has to end sometime.

When it does, the financial grim-reaper will emerge – proving that Government-backed currencies are basically worthless. Getting emotional over money is plain silly.

Some people kill for money while central banks print it for free.

But even if currency is worthless, the emotional triggers that drive people to buy are deeply ingrained. And they need an emotional reason to part with their paper cash. Make no mistake of that.

So why would somebody feel the need to own your product?

  • Vanity?
  • Greed?
  • Self-preservation?

Humans have lived with these caveman emotions for millennia. That’s why it’s so important you find the right one to strike in your copy.

Often, I see adverts appeal to logic.

Yet almost nothing in the world is logical. If the world was logical, nobody would work for money. Nobody would accept printed cash for anything. The mob would be taking torches and pitchforks to every central bank on the planet.

            People want to trust, and they want to believe. 

People trust their emotions – then back up their decisions with logic.

That’s what makes them buy.

That’s what directs their behaviour.

If you want to start understanding your customer, I have a few free resources for you here. 

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