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Miracle Mantra Template Reprograms Your Subconscious

Last week I rapped on the 2006 woo-woo movie, The Secret.

In case you haven’t seen it, real quick: The Secret teaches ‘the law of attraction,’ a strange phenomenon you must obey in order to get what you want. Basically, you start by deciding what you want. You put in your order with the universe, hold it in your mind and it will come to you.

And while I believe there is truth to this, practicing it is much harder than it sounds.

Take the ‘Mantra’ as an example.

There are people who’ll tell you it’s possible to become a millionaire by continually chanting,”I am a millionaire…I am a millionaire…”

…Which is really terrible advice when you think about it.

Because even if you did finally reprogram your subconscious into believing you’re a millionaire, you’ve done nothing to improve your habits. Look at what you’re doing each day. Now ask, “would a millionaire do this?”

Often, if I’m being honest with myself, I have to tell myself ‘no.’ Perhaps you can too.

This  is a good thing. It opens the door for a new improvement which actually brings you closer to your goal. Once you know how a millionaire behaves, you can write a mantra that is far more beneficial – and more likely to get you a result.

The template looks like this:

“I <<necessary habit>>, because I am <<your goal>>.”

For example:

“I read the financial news every day, because I am a millionaire investor.”

“I write for the first hour of every morning, because I am a successful author.”

“I do 30 minutes of cardio every day, because I have a healthy body.”

Do you see how it works?

This mantra isn’t a wish – it’s a commitment to adopt a new behaviour. To be the kind of person who gets the things you want.

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