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Does Netflix Have a Bullseye on its Back?

It all started with a marital blowout.

I wanted to cancel Netflix.

Wifey said we should give it more time.

“And Stranger Things is good.”

I told her, without mincing words, that Stranger Things sucked. “The story is all over the place. Season 1 was okay, but it jumped the shark soon after.”

And maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed all the really good stuff is disappearing.

There’s a saying in marketing: “Pioneers get arrows in their backs.”

The point being that first movers always have to sacrifice the most. If you have something new, then you must EDUCATE your market. This costs money, and forces you to take all the risks.

Your competitors can wait to see if you sink or swim…

…Then swoop in with a better mousetrap.

Netflix are now finding this a big struggle.

The business model works, but they have precious little content of their own.

Now the old giants are swooping in for the kill.

A few weeks ago, Disney launched their own streaming product. Disney are sitting on nearly a century’s worth of content. They’re clawing it back from Netflix. And HBO are keeping their own stuff too.

“I really should cancel Netflix,” I heard a man say in the pub. “What’s on there? I never use it.”

Which brings me to the big marketing lesson.

Don’t try and create something original.

Just try to create something better.

If your idea has already “been done,” take that as a good sign. It means the business model probably works. And if you can improve what already exists, you can meet the customer’s problems head-on.

You don’t have spend money telling them why they need it.

You just have to tell them what makes it better.

It’s probably the most important marketing lesson I’ve learned in my career.

And if you need help selling your better mousetrap, I have some useful tools for you here. 

Merry Christmas!

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