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My Big Beef With Bitcoin…

In case you don’t know:

Bitcoin emerged after the ’08 crash – as an escape from the banking system and government-issued cash. And here’s the thing:

I actually WANT it to succeed. 

Currency, I’d argue, is the most vital pillar of freedom. So long as our currencies are manipulated, priced and printed by central banks, we are all effectively serfs. We have no power or control.

And if we ever decide to take back our freedom, the chances are overwhelming that we will need a solution like Bitcoin.

But over the years, Bitcoin’s goal has changed.

Its price surged to $20,000…

…then plunged back down to $3,000.

Then it rose again.

“Buy Bitcoin!” the crypto-fanatics screamed. “This will hit 6 figures!”

Which brings me to my big beef with Bitcoin…

A currency does NOT  explode 10,000% overnight. It is not a way to get rich.

Bitcoin is now being sold on a completely new set of benefits from when it began. If you are a Bitcoin-fanatic, I have to ask you, what do you want Bitcoin to be?

  • A stable currency for escaping our corrupt and elitist financial system?
  • Or a speculative asset that could turn you into a millionaire?

Because you can’t have both benefits.

You have to choose.

Any useful currency must be stable. Otherwise, households cannot budget. Businesses cannot function.

You need to decide what you are, who you serve and why.

And you must STICK with this plan ruthlessly.

It’s why so many clients love using this easy-fill marketing template. It’s available here – and it’s free. 

Some of these questions may seem simple. Obvious even.

However, when you’re in the weeds of your business, trying to sell at all costs, it’s easy to get sidetracked. To lose sight of what you’re doing and why.

Read over your plan once a month.

Hand it over to anyone new who works on your team.

This helps keep you focussed on the things which matter most.

And in these unstable times – where Bitcoin could surge again – that simple habit might one day save your neck.

As for Bitcoin, I am not buying. Not until I know exactly what problem it’s meant to solve.