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Simple Copy Switch Gives Readers Raging FOMO

I was reading some email copy out loud, when Wifey walked in:

“Why are you telling them the prices are going up?” she said. “Why not just say, ‘This Sale is Ending Soon’?”

“Wifey, please,” I said, calmly raising one hand. “The end of your sale is the moment to switch gears.

You stop appealing to your reader’s greed.

You start appealing to their FEAR.

So don’t say: “This half-price sale ends tomorrow.”

Say: “Tomorrow, these prices will DOUBLE.”

It helps light a fire underneath their idle backsides…gives them the ‘fear of missing out.’

It’s a simple switch, but a good one.

And I’ll bet you can come up with more ways to induce FOMO with the easy fill marketing template, available here.

My schedule is packed until the New Year, but if you send me your completed template I will read it and let you know if I have any ideas.

I probably shouldn’t.

Folks say giving ideas away for free might damage my ‘personal brand.’

But since my brand involves being a clever-clogs know-it-all you might get some new ways to boost sales. Whether you end up working with me or not.

Wifey knows. She did.

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