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Success Secret of a 300lb Muscle Monster

My all-time favourite bodybuilder is British monster Dorian Yates.

Bodybuilding connoisseurs might tell you Arnie had better proportions. But shredded down to 3% body fat, Dorian was a 275lb beast. He won 6 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles. And, most amazing of all…

…Dorian spent LESS time in the gym than many of his competitors.

His secret?

‘High Intensity Interval Training.’

By training with total intensity, Dorian Yates found he could spend less time at the gym and more time in recovery. There’s only one catch.

You see, when I say that Dorian Yates’ training sessions were intense, I mean they were INTENSE!!! As you can see from this video, he actually had a trainer screaming in his ear as he pumped iron.



Yates’ mind was on nothing except moving the weight and breaking down the muscle. And I’ve found this approach applies to most challenges in life.

When I got into copywriting, I heard a similar tactic from my mentor Drayton Bird.

     “What’s the biggest mistake you see new copywriters make?”

Drayton said they don’t approach the task with nearly enough intensity. Think about it.

You’re trying to convince somebody to do something. You’re trying to pull them out of their current trance, get their interest and move them to action.

This demands an incredible amount of intense, focussed thought.

If you do this properly, you will probably find you’re worn out within an hour or two. What you save in time, you sacrifice in energy. That’s the trade-off.

But you must put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Try to think the way they’d think. Only then do you discover the appeals which help persuade them to do what you want.

You can download a free template which helps you get started here. 

Fair warning: although this is the ‘hire me’ page, my schedule is fully booked until the new year. But if you complete your template, and have any questions, send it to me in an email.

I’ll give it a short burst of intense thought, and get back to you asap.

All the best,