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How a Miniature Library can Skyrocket Your Skills

I had a client recently ask:

“Hey, Alex. I find what you do fascinating, and was wondering if you have a few book recommendations to help me understand it better.”

Well, I could have suggested 20…30…40 books.

“But you should stick with just 3,” I replied.

Here they are: your 3 most important copywriting books:

  • Scientific Advertising, by Claude Hopkins
  • Tested Advertising Methods, by John Caples
  • How to Write a Good Advertisement, by Victor Schwab

That’s it.

Read each of these books at least 3 times.

You’ll go a lot further than if you read 20 different books once.

I wish I knew this earlier in my career. I would have improved a lot faster.

When I started out copywriting, I was a gannet for new information.

Any book I could find that was remotely connected, I’d read it.

But it took me down some dodgy paths, full of conflicting ideas and confusion. My head was full of weeds.

You see, when you’re picking up a new skill – I find – it’s not about cramming information.

…It’s about understanding PRINCIPLES.

You have to drill these principles into your brain first.

This gives you a foundation of knowledge to build on. Everything else you read is easier to filter and appraise.

And I’ll bet it applies to most things.

Whatever you wish to learn – find the 3 most important books. Spend a year studying these and nothing else.

Then move on to the rest.



P.S. If you have no time to study effective copy, you could make a quick start here. 

This has an easy-fill marketing template to get you thinking about your business as a customer would.

It’s the first step I ask every new client to take. Because it’s built on all of the most important principles for making your advertising work.

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