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Robo-Toll Destroys Car Park’s Profits

It’s happening.

Not even Andrew Yaang can stop it.

The robot job-takeover is upon us.

And it’s not just truck drivers and warehouse workers in trouble.

Even business-owners could see their profits killed by robots and automation. Killed by sheer stupidity.

Because people like dealing with people.

It’s a cardinal rule of marketing.

And let’s face it: there are some things which people just do a lot better. 

Take the car park outside my apartment.

Until a few months ago, this had a friendly bloke taking $10 bills for parking. The business made an absolute KILLING…

…Because people didn’t just like him.

He could also park the cars 3-4 rows deep – packing in as many vehicles as possible. He was one of the highest value workers I’ve ever seen.

I reckon that one man helped the car park make $1000/day.

And what did he cost?

No more than $100, I’m sure.

Probably less.

But now he’s gone…

A ticket machine has taken his job.

The price has gone up and there are signs behind every parking spot: ‘This car park under surveillance 24/7/365.

What happened next?

Well, it seems people have been actively avoiding the car park. Even in the city centre – where good places are scarce – it is nearly always empty. No more than 4 cars at any one time.

Even with the price hike…

Their profits have probably been slashed around 90%!

What’s more, a man has lost his job.

100-odd people are now lost for parking.

A wonderful cash cow is gone.

Everybody loses.

Which brings me to the big takeaway:

Marketing isn’t easy, but it is simple. And often it’s the the glitzy new technology that’s a curse.

This past month, I’ve been doing an abnormal number of copy critiques. And I keep noticing the same problem every time.

“Why don’t you make your copy more personal?” I ask them.

Write your copy as you would a letter to a friend. Understand who they are, and what they want.

No, it’s not a new fancy, shiny, whiz-bang marketing tool.

And you can’t delegate this work to a robot.

But you can make a decent start with the template provided here. 

So why not do it now?

If you don’t, who will?