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Could This Hated Punctuation Mark Double Your Sales?

I always hated the asterisk.


Grrrr, just looking at it has me triggered.

Because it’s the caveat punctuation mark…

The punctuation which copywriters are forced to use by compliance departments. It tells the reader: “There’s small print below. There’s a catch. This deal is really NOT that good.”

It gets in the way of the sale.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

Because the other day I was watching a seminar with veteran copywriter John Williamson. John’s been a copywriter 20 years longer than I have, so he always has something new to teach.

And, to my surprise, he said the asterisk is his favourite way to quickly snap up extra sales.

“You can often DOUBLE your sales when you use one in your headline,” he said.

Who’d have thought?

I guess it adds an element of intrigue. It makes readers curious to discover more. And remember:

You can also spin your small print into sales copy pretty easily. All it takes is a little thought. I did this recently in some emails I wrote for Motley Fool.

“Past performance is no guarantee of future results,” I had to say.

You’ve seen this in financial adverts a thousand times.

But you don’t have to end it there. I carried on with the following:

“Still, it never hurts to see what happened in the past. And even during the great 2008 recession, there were many stocks which soared. What did they have in common?”

This is how you spin your legal print into a sales message.

This is how the asterisk could potentially double your sales.