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My F*cking Awesome Headline For Getting Your F*cking Attention

Have you noticed this too?

I’ve seen a trend happening at my local bookshop. All these self-help books now have prime shelf-space:

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  • Get Your Shit Together
  • Fuck Love
  • Fuck Feelings
  • Zero Fucks Given
  • Unfuck Yourself

…And so on.

I suppose dropping a swear into your title is a way to get attention.

I guess it’s working right now.

But…I don’t know…to me it just feels lame – like they’re trying too hard.

And I think the late, great Bill Jayme would have been against this too.

Jayme was once the highest-paid copywriter. He only wrote letters for high-end magazines – Time, The New Yorker, Utne Reader and such. In today’s dollars, his fee for one letter was easily 6-figures.

But Jayme never used personalisation on his envelopes to get attention…

…Even though it was repeatedly shown to boost response (I think around 30%).

Jayme’s reply: “Do I really want for a customer some boob who gets excited seeing his own name.”

He had a standard for himself and his clients. And he wasn’t willing to lower this standard for sales.

Magazines like Time carried some prestige.

They didn’t want to attract riff-raff.

It’s the same with your own stuff.

Maybe you could use the word ‘fuck’ in your headlines and titles.

Maybe you’d get rich.

But you’d have to live with the emptiness of knowing your readers are a bunch of lameos who get excited by a naughty word.

Do you really want this?

Personally, I think it’s much better to know the people you DO want to help first. Understand their problem. Then appeal to them with a solution.

Granted, it’s not as easy as saying ‘fuck.’

But I’ve got some good ways to get you started here.