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[Achtung] Bundesbank…One Quarter From Ze Scheisse?

In case you need more proof that the world is totally insane…

…Germany could be just one quarter away from recession. And they’re already issuing bonds with NEGATIVE yields.

Yes, if you buy one of these bonds, and hold it to maturity, you’re actually guaranteed to LOSE money. It’s a trend that’s happening the world over.

And if that’s not bad enough, I’m seeing sneaks trying to sell this as normal…

“Why should savers always expect interest on money they set aside?” one schmuck wrote in Barrons. “In Germany, investors pay 50 basis points (half of 1%) to guarantee the safe return of their money.”

Yes, you read that right.

You’ve had it too good for too long. You shouldn’t expect a return. You should be HAPPY to loan these governments money. You should be so darned happy, that you should be willing to pay them. 

It completely defies one of the most basic economic laws. That is:

Money today is more valuable than money tomorrow. 

Because the money you have now can be instantly converted into value.

You could buy gold, and keep it as real money. (Much better than holding onto bank notes that the government can print for free.)

You could take a trip to somewhere new and expand your horizons.

You could buy consumer goods that make your life easier. Save you time. Make you sexier, winning you more action.

You could invest it in your marketing…

…Like profit-pulling copy which you can leave to pick up sales while the bonds bleed everyone else dry.

Just 5 of my emails helped close 80% of one client’s customers. By getting these people to buy sooner, he increases the value of every new lead that comes in.

And he’s doing this day-after-day, whatever happens – boom or bust.

I can’t promise you’d do the same.

But you’ll likely do better than you would holding a German bond.

Here’s where to start. 

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