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Do You Believe It Was Suicide?

One of this week’s biggest news stories was the death of Manhattan sex-monster Jeffrey Epstein…

…An apparent suicide in his cell.

I say ‘apparent’ because nobody believes it’s suicide.

Literally no one.

I haven’t met a single person who thinks Epstein did it.

Even the mainstream media seem skeptical – talking about the ‘mysterious’ end to Epstein’s suicide watch…his gargantuan, muscle-bound cellmate who’s facing capital murder charges…Bill Clinton’s 20-something flights on Epstein’s private jet…

…And other powerful elites who may have attended Epstein’s vile and depraved parties.

When I first heard about the ‘suicide,’ I wasn’t really surprised.

My cousin used to be a prison guard. He told me all about the hierarchies inside. “Paedophiles are the lowest of the low,” he said.

They’re routinely beaten, raped and abused.

Wouldn’t anyone choose to end it, knowing this was their future?

But we’re at a strange point in the world, where distrust is greater than anything that’s said to have happened. Glance over the headlines, and even Epstein’s crimes seem to be a secondary matter.

Elites and institutions are not only distrusted…

…They are hated and reviled.

And honestly, I don’t see this trend stopping.

Not when you think about all the other manipulation that’s happening…with Central Banks…monetary policy…the ‘warfare state’…and so on.

ANGER could become the most powerful emotion you appeal to when communicating with your audience.

It’s one of the reasons we’re seeing so many products/services which help people ‘beat the system’:

Bitcoin – lets you send money anywhere in the world, almost instantly, in private. Banking systems like ‘SWIFT’ are a complete joke. They’re decades old and out-of-pace with modern cybercrime. They’re expensive, and take forever for the money to change hands. Though I’m not a fan of Bitcoin, I can see why it’s popular.

Flote – is a new social network I’ve seen appear online. It’s a more libertarian style social network, without the rigorous thought-policing of Facebook and Twitter. If anything offends you, then it’s up to you to block that person’s content. In a way, it’s a bit like being treated as an adult. Remember that?

Alternative Media Outlets – are slowly destroying the prestige of big, mainstream companies. It’s no longer about getting the news, so much as feeding perception. If you believe Epstein’s suicide is a conspiracy, you’re more likely to click the news that confirms this.

Changing peoples’ minds and winning their trust has never been harder.

Indeed, I sometimes wonder if it’s even possible.

You’re much more likely to succeed if you do what the great Robert Collier suggested; if you “join the conversation in their head.”

Can you demonstrate how your solution helps them ‘get around the system’? How it helps them ‘take back control’ of their lives?

If you can, you may well have a new angle for improving your results.

Because you see, whether Epstein ‘did it’ or not, doesn’t matter.

The public’s reaction tells you their perception.

And right now, perception may as well be truth.

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