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Free Shit 2020

I’m not even American and I’m watching through my fingers…

…I just can’t stop following this Democratic Clown Show.

Candidates outbidding each other with the promises of magical unicorns and rainbows.

“Free college tuition for all.”

“Free childcare.”

“Free money.”

….”Free ice cream cones. Free…Free…FREE!!!”

I’m not anti-American.

LOVE America.

It’s why I’m watching these debates in horror.

The U.S. Federal debt is rising to $23trillion, with annual deficits expected to soon hit $1trillion. When (not if) they lose their reserve currency status, the chickens will surely come home to roost.

And America was never about “Free Stuff.”

It was about having the freeDOM to pursue the stuff you want – with minimal interference from the government.

But election cycles are short, and politicians hungry to win. It’s easy to ignore these principles and fall into a bidding war.

And it’s not just politics.

You see this in business too.

Nobody starts out with the dream of out-bribing their competition with discounts and fire-sales.

It happens slowly over time.

You set out to offer something different, but it’s hard. Maybe a Trump-sized monkey wrench gets throws into your plans.

So you panic.

You throw a flash sale, and take a quick sales hit. But the head-rush disappears.

Then you need another…and another…and another…

…Until you’ve forgotten why you started the business in the first place.

It’s a race to the bottom.

But the good news is you can keep your principles and still make money.

You can increase sales without throwing more free bait into the consumer pond.

And ironically, it all starts with something that’s free.

Your step-by-step marketing template is available here. As you fill this out, pay particular attention to the sections on your customer.

Think about your conversations with them.

And if you’ve never spoken to your customers, for goodness sake, go out and do it now.

Because they’ll tell you what they want if you ask. And I promise you one thing: it needn’t be something that’s free.

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