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[Schadenfreude Post] He Got Fired…And I’m Thrilled

The past few weeks, I’ve been crying and licking my wounds…

…After one of my stocks took a 70% hit on the market.

It’s no big deal.

It happens now and again.

That’s why you never invest more than you can afford to lose, and always diversify your holdings. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

And this company has me particularly fuming. Because they won investor confidence on the pretence that they were a professional, well-managed business in a world of charlatans…

…When in fact they had a hidden criminal element lurking within. Angry employees just aching to blow the whistle.

The CEO was a total phoney.

He said something like: “We’re grateful for the lessons this experience has given us.”

He got fired the other day, and I’m thrilled.

And it reminded me of a valuable – sadly now, very expensive – lesson of my own:

          Never get taken in by sociopaths. 

Because they are everywhere. Seriously, it’s horrible.

You’ve probably met a number of sociopaths yourself.

Maybe amongst the glut of copywriters who can talk a great ‘game’…Yet bring about as much value as a failing penny stock.

I’ve heard countless horror stories.

In fact, I recently heard about a copywriter who charged a client $10,000…only to send back a ‘swipe job.’ Literally, all he did was copy and paste an old classic ad, then replace the client’s product name.

Imagine that…


…Just gone!

And when the client complained the copywriter vanished too. Off to fleece another sucker like that CEO I mentioned.

It’s why you should complete the easy-fill marketing plan I have for you on this page…

…Whether you plan on hiring a copywriter or not.

Once you see your business from a new perspective, you’re better able to judge those who claim they can help.

What’s more, if you send your finished template back to me, I’ll even read it without charge. And if you ever decide to work with me, I usually do a 50/50 split.

You pay 50% upfront, then the other 50% when you’re happy.

It’s a much better deal than I got from that well-groomed, hipster CEO.

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