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What do you get paid for?

Whatever you get paid for, do it first.

And do it for at least 3 hours before you do anything else. Me? I get paid to write. So that’s the first thing I do every morning – from 5 until 7. Then from 8 until 10.

Now that’s not a huge amount of time altogether. Only 4 hours. But in those 4 hours, I find I can write clients’ copy, work on my own projects and even fiddle with my next slush-pile novel.

When do you check email?

Do that last.

Never check email – unless you’ve spent at least 3 hours on the work which pays. Email drags you into the busy work of the day. And busy work never pays.

Set 2 simple rules:

  1. “I will start my paying work at << time >> – and work between the hours << hours >>”
  2. I will check email at << time >> each day – and not a minute earlier.

If you only follow these 2 rules you set for yourself, I guarantee you will get more done in less time. You will finish work early, and get better results.

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