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How to lead clients to your high-ticket offers

A while back I put a deadly dull idea to my agency partners:

“Why don’t we set up a ‘Creative Consultation’ service?” I said. “That’ll bring in some more money.” And you know what?

It did bring in money.

LOTS of money.

Because you can spin these consultations into a veiled sales message.

Suppose you want to sell creative work for a full campaign at $10,000-20,000. Your prospect would be full of objections. And rightly so. After all…

If they haven’t spent a dime with you before, why would they spend $10,000? Your fear would be on overdrive.

But previous customers are 3-8X more likely to buy again, because many of their buying fears have already been overcome.

That’s why offering a ‘stepping-stone’ service – like a consultation – can be so valuable to you.

I believe we charged $1000 for this service. (A pretty low bill for any semi-successful business.) In the consultation I’d write up a 5-10 page report.

Value loaded.

It told clients what they were doing right, what they were doing wrong, with some suggested next steps.

And it offered a modest discount on creative work – with a time-limit to accept. What did it mean? Well…

  • More clients
  • Accepting more high-ticket offers
  • While spending more money along the way

And this idea is ludicrously simple to steal and adapt. Think for 5-10 minutes. I’ll bet you can come up with something similar.

There is, however, one rub which you MUST consider…

You must be able to do this service fast.

Really, I had to get these reports done and dusted in under 3 hours. Otherwise it devoured too much time…Costs would stack up….Focus was pulled away from the real work which made bigger bucks.

You have to analyse peoples’ marketing creative with the speed and ruthless efficiency of a Terminator machine.

You have to get your brain PROGRAMMED for persuasion…So you instinctively know where money is being frittered.

Thankfully, I found the manual – written by a marketing genius (and I don’t use that word lightly) living in the arse-end of nowhere…

The Brain Audit – by Sean d’Souza shows you the 5 ESSENTIAL prospects must have in order to be persuaded.

So when you look at a piece of marketing, you know…

  • Where money’s being leaked
  • And how to fix it.

No, I’m not going to get all hypey, and start saying this will turn you into Jay Abraham overnight. It won’t. But it does give you a level foundation of understanding.

It helps you develop a natural instinct for persuasion.

Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot, but hey ho. I’ve been following Sean d’Souza a long time, and I can safely say he’s a much smarter bloke than me.

And I’m NOT making any money recommending his book. (I’m too busy to set up the affiliate link right now; writing this post on the fly.)

So why not give your brain this much-needed audit?

Here’s Sean’s page. It’ll help you out. Honest.

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