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You must know your best 2 hours…

I was listening to an audio interview with the A-List copywriter, Carline Angolade-Cole.

She was explaining how she doubled her output – and her earnings – in a single year. Angolade-Cole is in the alternative-health space. She has worked for big-name clients like Oprah.

I don’t know what she gets paid, but I doubt it’s less than $20,000 per mailing package. And she’s now writing one of these packages every single month!

My favourite piece of advice she gave – and something I’ve noticed myself – is finding ‘your best 2 hours.’ Everyone has 2 hours in any day when they’re an absolute machine.

Once you know your best 2 hours, you can use them to smash a day’s worth of work – even before most people reach their desks. The problem is, your best 2 hours may not be fun or sociable. And that takes honesty.

My best 2 hours are from 5am until 7am.

If you think I like getting up at 5am, you are dead wrong. And in the winter, when it’s cold and dark, showing up for my best 2 hours is almost unbearable.

But I know that if I miss these 2 hours, my day is going to be a whole lot worse. Even if I start at 7 (still early by most peoples’ measure) it’s astonishing how little gets done.

John Carlton – arguably the most respected copywriter – operates on the other side of the clock. He doesn’t even start until around 5pm. Then he writes well into the early hours of the next morning.

Some people are just like that.

What are your best 2 hours? 

If you pay a little attention, you could be amazed at how many hours you save. Use your best 2 hours to do your most difficult, creative work. This is probably the fastest method I’ve seen for slashing your work hours down to the bone.

If you’re interested, I’ve written a detailed way to implement this right here. 

Please, take a look at this if you haven’t already.

It’s probably the most popular thing I’ve written – and I am a terrible sucker for praise.

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