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What Jeff Bezos’ “New Lover” Can Teach You

One of my favourite bar-room conversation topics has to be ‘The Highest Paid Divorce Settlements.’ I find them fascinating:

  • Michael Jordan – $168million
  • Arnold Schwartzenegger – over $250million
  • Mel Gibson – $425million

But now the hammer is coming down on a new marital split. And this is one hot tamale. I’m talking, of course, about $multi-billionaire horndog Jeff Bezos – and his divorce from wife of 25 years, MacKenzie.

Here are the legal details from my research in the tabloids: 

  • The marriage pre-dates Amazon. Bezos made all his fortune while married
  • He’s now worth $140billion…or possibly $160billion. Either way, who cares? What’s $20billion?
  • He doesn’t have a prenup (ouch). “The divorce is going to be ugly!” Bezos’  ‘long lost biological aunt’ told The National Enquirer. “[MacKenzie] will take him to the cleaners.”

This single payout is set to turn Mackenzie Bezos into the world’s richest woman overnight. It’s going to make Mel Gibson’s settlement look like jangling change in a homeless man’s coffee cup.

But there’s another intriguing twist behind this divorce. And it has everything to do with the lady who rocked the yacht.

Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos’ new lover, is reportedly so good at pulling rich men, her pals call it ‘The Sanchez Method’

That’s according to reports in the Daily Mirror and The Sun.

Being a marketing man, I HAD to discover more about this method. After all, if it can lure somebody away from a 25-year marriage and $140billion it must be effective. Yet for all my reading, I couldn’t find anything of any substance. I was left cold.

All the papers seemed to mention were Sanchez’s “low cut tops,” “high heels” and “short skirts”…

…and I don’t look good in any of those things.

But she does know who she’s targeting

Clearly, Lauren Sanchez has a penchant for men with money. So those are the people she goes for. NFL Players…Hollywood moguls…Actors…Billionaire entrepreneurs…

…These are just some of the categories from her portfolio of past romances.

And while this method seems astonishingly simple, it’s something which businesses all-too-often ignore.

In the UK, we have this store called Marks & Spencer, founded in 18-god-knows-when.

Anyway, for decades, M&S have catered to older people with money. Walk into any of their stores. Those are the people you’ll see most: married baby-boomers. Sometimes the elderly.

Then something weird happened…

…They started running these adverts with chiselled male models – probably in their early 30s – with well-groomed beards and slick, modern suits. (Drayton Bird moaned about this on his blog years ago. You can see his rant here. )

It didn’t seem right. Those aren’t the people you see in M&S.

Gillette, more recently, seems to have stepped into an even bigger mess

(And I’m planning a more detailed post on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you were as dumbfounded as I was.)

It seems Gillette’s job, now, is not to sell razor blades to men who need a shave – but to lecture them on how to behave. It’s controversial. And, like all controversies, has it’s share of supporters. But…

…They DON’T seem to be the people who matter. That is: the people who buy razor blades. Men.

With that said, maybe ‘The Sanchez Method’ isn’t a method at all. Maybe it’s just a simple reminder we all need from time-to-time – when we start believing we’re more important than we actually are…

  1. Know your audience
  2. Never stop asking yourself, “How can I serve them better?”
  3. Alienate or ignore these people at your extreme peril

Stay humble. Stay focussed.

Keep snapping necks and cashing cheques.

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