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The Lazy Man’s Way to Poverty

Every now and again I’ll meet a lazy business owner.

“I want a set-and-forget evergreen business,” they say. “I want to push the start button and go sunbathing with a pina colada.”

And I get it. Of course I do.

Laziness is UNIVERSAL. Even ultra marathon runners hate lacing up their shoes.

But there are two problems with making laziness part of your goal…

  1. Humans are meant to DO things. Lining up your ducks so you can do nothing is not fulfilling. I remember seeing an interview with the author/professor Jordan Peterson. Somebody had described their goal to him – the typical lying-on-a beach-with-a-cocktail goal. “That’s not a goal,” said Peterson, “it’s a postcard.” Let’s suppose you are sitting on a beach with a fancy cocktail…

…now what?

It’s just an image. There’s nothing else to do.

2. Marketing and business is about people. Understanding them. Serving them. And this means having to do things which are not on autopilot. Things which don’t scale.

Whenever I meet somebody driven by laziness, I notice their product is weaker than it could be. The advertising doesn’t reach a burning desire. Often, they’re not even connecting with a desire, because every ounce of energy is devoted to creating a cash-cow.

For instance, here’s something you never see them do…

…Yet it’s one of the simplest tricks your can put to work for new profits.

Stick a question at the end of your emails – particularly the first few you send a new subscriber.

Ask something like:

‘Hey, I’m just curious. What do you find most difficult about << Insert your topic here >>?’

Those people who reply are more likely to keep reading your emails.

Meanwhile, you’re developing a deeper understanding of the people on your list. It’s not fast, and it doesn’t scale, but your knowledge does.

Over time, you’re better equipped to serve these people than your competitors.

And you can use their answers to brief others in your organisation – not to mention the freelancers and agencies you hire from outside.

In fact, I have a free template to help you do it – available on this page.

(Look for the download link on step 1.)

And if you have any questions I can help with, please do send me an email at alex@alexbusson.com

I check my email twice each business day – and it’s a pleasure to read your mail 🙂

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