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What this comic genius taught me about content

One of my favourite comedians is the great Tim Vine.

I don’t think he’s the funniest. (Bring on the hate mail, for me Lewis CK wins that accolade.) But Vine does have a unique style which is most helpful for your content and emails.

Machine-gun joke telling

Vine hammers through his jokes fast. He actually held the record for the most jokes told in one hour. (499 total. Roughly 8.3 per minute).

You can see a bit of his standup here – you’ll get the idea.

Sure, not all of his jokes are hilarious, but it doesn’t matter. Vine is already telling his next joke before the audience has reacted to the last.

Fearless, he fires them out one after the other.

And these jokes pack together like a big snowball. Overall, it makes for a very effective act.

It’s a good way to treat your emails

Your customers buy when it suits them, not you.

And they may be lured by different offers and appeals.

If you want to sell more, you’ll have to mail that list more often. It’s dead simple. But often overlooked. And it gives many people the heebie jeebies.

Back in my early 20s, I wrote the newsletter for a general advertising agency. This newsletter went out once a month, so there was ENORMOUS pressure to make it perfect.

We’d tinker and fuss for days, even weeks on end.

And, because we weren’t contacting the list often, fewer people cared when it arrived.

All that stress for worse results

Yet what’s weird about mailing often is it makes everything easier.

You’re not so paralysed with fear.

You’re not putting each message on a pedestal.

If your email sucks, well, “there’s always tomorrow.” You’re like Tim Vine in front of your crowd.

And with more sales coming in, it’s easier to relax. So new ideas keep coming.

It’s one of the reasons I’m aiming to write you a little more often in the New Year

After all, I could talk your ears off about copywriting and marketing. So you and I could both be doing a lot better this same day in 2019.

If you’re interested in making some more money yourself through email – or any other marketing medium…

…I’ve got a free, easy preparation tool for you – to help you get started. (Download the easy-fill document on Step 1 of this page.)

Merry Christmas!

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