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The other day I received one of the new porn-scam emails. Supposedly, this individual hacked my computer while I was watching porn and caught me in a compromised position through the webcam. He promised the publish the “video” online, and mail it to my friends and family, unless I sent him $1000 of bitcoin. Normally, [...]

You’ll inevitably have ideas which flop, or don’t perform as well as you’d hoped. This is a fact of direct marketing. There’s no point crying about it. Chalk it down as a dud, and try to figure out why it didn’t work. I once wrote an email for Motley Fool, all about “how to beat [...]

Has COVID-19 Infected Mickey Mouse?

In spite of everything I’m about to say, I think Disney is a wonderful company. I think they’ll survive coronavirus, and I hope to be a shareholder some day. But I think the markets and pundits are seriously underestimating the damage this could do to Disney’s brand. It has been ravaged. Movie production and theme [...]

You’d think, being an advertiser, that all I’d want to do is sell sexy products that everyone’s raving about. In fact, the opposite is true. The thought occurred to me when I was looking for a way to stop my classical guitar slipping around in my lap. I stumbled across this terrific solution –  “GuitaGrip.” [...]

In marketing, your toughest challenge is educating the prospect – bringing them up-to-speed. Just telling someone why they need your offering can take an enormous amount of effort and expense. It’s why libertarians have so much trouble winning seats in elections. You can, for example, argue a strong case for why the minimum wage should be [...]

Amazing, isn’t it? After blowing some $40 billion on share buybacks…and artificially inflating their executives’ pay…and taking on a monstrous amount of low-interest debt…during years of relentless engineer cost-cutting…and developing an aeroplane that inexplicably falls out of the sky… …Boeing needs a bailout.  And I pray to God they fail. It all comes down to [...]

Pay attention to your body. You can use it to pinpoint emotions you might not otherwise have noticed. This can be a huge benefit to your work. It can free you from the ravages of writer’s block…point you in new directions…tell you what to do if you’re stuck. I discovered this trick from Chade Meng [...]

Stuck in quarantine, I’ve taken the opportunity to pick up some new skills. Have you seen Malcolm Gladwell’s online Masterclass? If you’re interested in writing, I thoroughly recommend it. No matter what you’re writing – ads…articles…maybe even fiction – you can pick up some amazing ideas from the best non-fiction writers. They know how to [...]

I have an inner-troll that’s hard to keep underground. I can’t help it. Whenever I see another asinine comment, my keyboard fingers get itchy. Like when I see people discussing the price they’ll start buying Tesla shares. Or praising the government’s covid-“stimulus.” It takes huge resolve to resist hitting ‘Send,’ but I always resist. Sometimes I [...]

During WWII, the Nazis embarked on a short-lived campaign called ‘Operation Bernhard.’ The aim was to forge British bank notes and drop them on major cities instead of bombs. As free cash falls from the sky, the people would be driven into a buying frenzy – bidding up the prices of goods. The value of [...]