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I never wanted to be a copywriter. Not at first. When I was 15, I wrote short stories and movie scripts. I had a couple of friends who were the same. We poured over Tarantino screenplays, then wrote embarrassing replicas of our own. Then we got cameras and shot a few. Then I went to [...]

D.C. Insider’s Apocalypse Beating Portfolio

One of my favourite financial pundits is “CIA Insider” Jim Rickards. He’s supposedly connected with top brass in Washington and the Pentagon. Some of whom cannot even be named. Rickards’ research into the inevitable collapse of the global financial system is a big reason I started buying gold. In his excellent book Aftermath Rickards talks about [...]

Mona Lisa’s Twin Gives Me The Creeps…

Would you believe, this is NOT the Mona Lisa?  The famous lady’s twin has spent over 40 years locked in a Swiss bank vault. I don’t know why, but I find this picture disturbing. It gives me the creeps. I had the same problem when Cadbury ran an advert featuring a young Audrey Hepburn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJt9narRaf4 [...]

$131.77 Trillion Crash Landing Onto Gold?

Something startling was uncovered on Wall Street. And it could mark the beginning of history’s greatest ever wealth transfer…up to $131.77trillion of paper currency hurtling towards gold. I’m not telling you this as investment advice. You make up your own mind. But I get unending flack from my pals who swear by the S&P500…the Dow…Property…Bonds…Anything [...]

Remember the famous “Ice Bucket Challenge”? It was the social media phenomenon of 2014 – where people nominated their friends to tip a bucket of ice water over their heads. Even celebrities like David Beckham got involved. Well, call me ignorant, but I never knew at the time: this was a campaign to promote awareness [...]

Bizarro New World Where All Bad News Is Good

Weak manufacturing numbers pour in… …and the markets rally! This actually happened the other week on the Dow. “Bad manufacturing numbers will mean a rate cut from the Fed,” the markets assume. “Everyone will believe that’s good news for stocks, so they’re certain to keep going up.” Welcome to the Bizarro, upside-down world of cheap money. [...]

Last week I rapped on the 2006 woo-woo movie, The Secret. In case you haven’t seen it, real quick: The Secret teaches ‘the law of attraction,’ a strange phenomenon you must obey in order to get what you want. Basically, you start by deciding what you want. You put in your order with the universe, hold it in [...]

The other night, I rewatched the movie, ‘The Secret.’ You may remember: back in 2006, it was a massive hit, because it reveals woo-woo techniques for getting anything in life you want. So long as you ‘put in your order with the universe’… …Ask…Visualise…Believe… …it will come. I don’t want to sound like I’m knocking [...]

Does Netflix Have a Bullseye on its Back?

It all started with a marital blowout. I wanted to cancel Netflix. Wifey said we should give it more time. “And Stranger Things is good.” I told her, without mincing words, that Stranger Things sucked. “The story is all over the place. Season 1 was okay, but it jumped the shark soon after.” And maybe [...]

Pomodoro That MOFO…

My name is Alex, and I have a problem. I love writing, but hate editing. And my habits have me buried in paper constantly. I reckon I have an entire library’s worth of short stories, novel chapters, advertisements, articles and product ideas scrawled on bits of paper. Now I’m behind the curve, trying to turn [...]