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If you’re not woke, then you’d better shut your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll be tarred and feathered, and dragged before the jeering mob. Your life will be over. You will be fired. You will miss your mortgage payments. You will end up homeless. You will be fighting stray dogs for scraps of food on the street. [...]

An interesting fact about Hitler: he was actually a pretty decent painter. In fact, some people believe Hitler’s art is directly linked to his evil. Whether it was due to lack of perseverance, laziness or poor self-esteem, Hitler failed to realise his potential as an artist. This agony caused him to become a tyrant dictator. [...]

Years ago, back when I started at Money Week, we were taught the four ‘U’s of writing effective headlines. I’ll share them with you now, because they’ve stuck with me ever since: 1. Make it URGENT: People don’t buy preventatives. You want to present your reader with problems they must deal with now. Even something [...]

A couple of years ago, I pitched an exciting new story concept to one of my more literary pals. I saw it as the seed of a novel. Maybe even a movie. “Okay, picture this,” I said. “You have a free-spirited astrologer and a super-logical astronomer. The astrologer falls in love with the astronomer, but [...]

Why this upsell page doubled back-end sales…

Here’s a big “upsell mistake” I notice time and again. You see… Copywriters spend most of their time selling products to new customers. The trick here is, “get to the point.” You hit your reader with your offer and benefits, then you immediately ask them to act. With upsells it’s different. Your customer has only just bought from [...]

What to ask yourself before you quit your career

You have to ask yourself serious questions when a doctor envies a copywriter. But that may be where we’re heading. I was breezing through our agency’s latest surveys. These go out to our email list, so we know who’s signing up, and what they want. Anyway, one respondent was a real-life physician…trying to master copywriting as [...]

Is New York City dead forever? This essay went viral around the city. It’s written by my favourite blogger, James Altucher, and if you have 15 minutes or so, I strongly suggest you read it. “Midtown Manhattan, the centre of business in NYC, is empty. Even though people can go back to work, famous office [...]

Here’s the first draft of my new book: “Gold Standard Copywiting. How to write breakthrough financial promotions at breakneck speed.” I hope you read it and enjoy it. I hope it’s useful to you, and worth the hour or so it takes to read. Even if you’re not in finance, it should give you some [...]

Back when I was a youngster, the BBC would play old 1960s T.V. shows – like Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds and Stingray. One of my favourites was called “The Prisoner.” It’s all about a man who discovers compromising government information. He’s imprisoned on an island utopia to keep the information secret. He’s not mistreated. He has no [...]

If you only read business/marketing books, you’ll be boring company at the pub. And you’ll miss some fantastic opportunities to beat your competition. I reckon a good 25% of my copywriting chops didn’t come from marketing books at all. It came from reading and writing fiction, and discovering how bestselling authors keep you gripped through [...]