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…Plus a free copy of the most important marketing book you’ll ever read. Let me tell you my biggest mistake as a rookie copywriter: I read too many books. It seems kind of dumb. After all, isn’t more reading meant to deliver more knowledge? Well, the trouble with mastering copywriting – or anything – is you [...]

What this comic genius taught me about content

One of my favourite comedians is the great Tim Vine. I don’t think he’s the funniest. (Bring on the hate mail, for me Lewis CK wins that accolade.) But Vine does have a unique style which is most helpful for your content and emails. Machine-gun joke telling Vine hammers through his jokes fast. He actually held the [...]

A few years back I wrote some copy for a ‘pick-up artist.’ He was one of those higher-class pick-ups artists, helping single men find ‘the one.’ But I won’t sugar-coat him to avoid complaints. He was a pick-up artist all the same – with many one-night stories from the trenches of singledom. He sounded amazing down [...]

The first mistake is simple: Underestimating email. I’ve seen short email campaigns double, treble, even quadruple the sales of business’s like yours. And here’s what’s most exciting: Most business’s, especially large ones, are not using email to their full advantage. This gives you an easy way to collect the customers they’ve missed. Below are 7 [...]

Beware the 5-figure Swipe Writers

A few years ago I met a client who was afraid he’d been ripped off. He’d already paid a ‘Hot Shot A-list’ copywriter $10,000 for a sales letter – and it made him… …Zilch “The letter had this little money bag on the top,” he said. “Can I see the letter?” I replied. It began [...]

You may already know this: I am a grumpy git. And I’m nothing like your typical ‘millennial.’ In fact, I often do my best to steer clear of them. Nevertheless, the other week I got on the phone with a rare exception. An old colleague, Timo. Timo calls himself ‘Finland’s top copywriter.’ Being a grumpy [...]

I was wasting time on Facebook when this popped up… Well, I didn’t give an answer. I hardly ever post answers on Facebook. (Too many armchair debaters and trolls.) But I’ll gladly use her question as blog-fodder. And, as it happens, nobody on Facebook was answering this question in sufficient detail. That is, nobody was [...]

Why Algorithm-Chasers are Guaranteed to Lose

You see this too, right? Every week I get an email or Facebook update saying something like this: Hey guys! I just noticed Medium’s algorithms have changed! So I’ve written this post to update you on everything I’ve found so far! Hope it helps! And the algorithm-chasers rejoice: “Thank you!” “Really helpful!” “I wondered where [...]

Michael Senoff’s in the ‘hard-to-find seminar’ trade. If you’re in business, or write copy, I suggest getting on his list pronto. Some of his little-known seminars with marketing-insiders are solid gold. His emails are pretty good too. This morning I read an email from Senoff – probably my favourite email I’ve read in years. It [...]

He wouldn’t advertise his copywriting services. You had to find him. And if you did get his attention, you’d stand in a waiting line of clients – ready to pay as much as $20,000 for one of his mailing packs. (This was back in the 70s and 80s – when a dollar was worth 3 times [...]