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Could Louis Armstrong, a Russian psychologist and a Hobbit Hole help you get unstuck? Why yes. And there’s more. Read on… Who do I envy most? Car mechanics. A car mechanic can get up in the morning and do his job. It doesn’t matter how shit he feels. I wish to God I was a [...]

Sound far-fetched? Analyse the emotions behind your next illogical decision. Let’s start with emotions. That’ll help you persuade virtually anyone to do what you want. And it explains why I’m playing this ridiculous Tumbling Brick game. It began at a seaside amusements in East Anglia. I was on the whack-a-mole. I got quite a few of [...]

“We have increased our sign-up rate by close to 300%,” said Marylou Tyler –  author of Predictable Prospecting and the client for this campaign I wrote. It was achieved with only 5 emails to COLD prospects. How? Here are 3 reasons why they worked, so you can apply these lessons yourself. 1. Make your introduction [...]

Sometimes I worry that I’m boring

Last week I flew back to the UK for a mate’s wedding. “How you feeling?” I asked him. “You’ve already asked me that, mate,” he replied. “It’s going without a hitch!” I tried again. “You said that too.” We laughed, but I was self-conscious. There was a jazz band playing. Huddles of people holding finger-sized [...]

Don’t Be A Desperate Freelancer

Desperation repels the things you want. It applies to just about everything… Finding love Making money Making friends …but it’s worse if you’re a freelancer. The more desperately you need a result, the harder it is to make anything happen. It creates a spiral of misery. Desperation is difficult to hide, too. Sometimes, even if [...]

Bill Shankly, one of the great Liverpool F.C. Managers, called football: “A simple game, made complicated by idiots.” This probably applies to most professions that don’t need any formal education or training. It certainly applies to marketing. Without a sturdy foundation of shared knowledge, it’s easy to go chasing bright, shiny objects…complicated tactics…new ‘gurus.’ It’s often [...]

I keep seeing businesses chase “Millennials.” Why? This is the generation who are… Buried with their yoga mats in debt Living in their parents’ spare rooms (40% aged between 18 and 34) Hopping between Starbucks jobs to pay the interest on their PHDs. Smart marketers know the real money lurks a generation-or-two older. BABY BOOMERS [...]

Have you ever wasted a load of money on something stupid? Hurts, doesn’t it? And the pain never really goes away. Lost money is lost forever. At best you learn a few lessons. You don’t make the same mistake twice. At worst you get eaten alive with guilt. 18 months ago I tanked $2000 on [...]

Want to get your business flying? Well you need 3 things: Propulsion Lift Balance and control Before The Wright Brothers, hopeful inventors would obsess over just one of these elements. It’s why their early attempts at flight looked like this: But before you laugh… …I see businesses doing this all the time. They focus everything [...]

“Blue sand falls in an hourglass on a rocky beach” by Aron Visuals on Unsplash I’m certain this single insight could help double your productivity. You will find this most useful if you’re a creative freelancer, but whatever your specific situation, understanding this system is sure to be a great help. Let me explain: Time is a system for [...]