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A few years back I wrote some copy for a ‘pick-up artist.’ He was one of those higher-class pick-ups artists, helping single men find ‘the one.’ But I won’t sugar-coat him to avoid complaints. He was a pick-up artist all the same – with many one-night stories from the trenches of singledom. He sounded amazing down [...]

The first mistake is simple: Underestimating email. I’ve seen short email campaigns double, treble, even quadruple the sales of business’s like yours. And here’s what’s most exciting: Most business’s, especially large ones, are not using email to their full advantage. This gives you an easy way to collect the customers they’ve missed. Below are 7 [...]

Beware the 5-figure Swipe Writers

A few years ago I met a client who was afraid he’d been ripped off. He’d already paid a ‘Hot Shot A-list’ copywriter $10,000 for a sales letter – and it made him… …Zilch “The letter had this little money bag on the top,” he said. “Can I see the letter?” I replied. It began [...]

You may already know this: I am a grumpy git. And I’m nothing like your typical ‘millennial.’ In fact, I often do my best to steer clear of them. Nevertheless, the other week I got on the phone with a rare exception. An old colleague, Timo. Timo calls himself ‘Finland’s top copywriter.’ Being a grumpy [...]

I was wasting time on Facebook when this popped up… Well, I didn’t give an answer. I hardly ever post answers on Facebook. (Too many armchair debaters and trolls.) But I’ll gladly use her question as blog-fodder. And, as it happens, nobody on Facebook was answering this question in sufficient detail. That is, nobody was [...]

Why Algorithm-Chasers are Guaranteed to Lose

You see this too, right? Every week I get an email or Facebook update saying something like this: Hey guys! I just noticed Medium’s algorithms have changed! So I’ve written this post to update you on everything I’ve found so far! Hope it helps! And the algorithm-chasers rejoice: “Thank you!” “Really helpful!” “I wondered where [...]

Michael Senoff’s in the ‘hard-to-find seminar’ trade. If you’re in business, or write copy, I suggest getting on his list pronto. Some of his little-known seminars with marketing-insiders are solid gold. His emails are pretty good too. This morning I read an email from Senoff – probably my favourite email I’ve read in years. It [...]

He wouldn’t advertise his copywriting services. You had to find him. And if you did get his attention, you’d stand in a waiting line of clients – ready to pay as much as $20,000 for one of his mailing packs. (This was back in the 70s and 80s – when a dollar was worth 3 times [...]

How a ‘dead’ medium increased sales 47%

There are pundits who’ll tell you print advertising is dead. It’s no surprise. Flick through any magazine today. You’ll be lucky if you spot one print ad which is written by somebody who knows what they’re doing. Quality print advertising is dead, not the medium itself. And I intend to prove it by showing you a [...]

Is this how people talk, Google?! Really excited?!! Like they’re always on the brink of an orgasm?!!! Yesterday I sent a query to a literary agent. ‘Hi, thanks for this,’ he replied. ‘I’ll give it a read and get back to you within a week.’ Gmail presented me with some instant responses: ‘Thank you for [...]