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Are you racing these Millennial-Chasers to poverty?

I keep seeing businesses chase “Millennials.”


This is the generation who are…

  • Buried with their yoga mats in debt
  • Living in their parents’ spare rooms (40% aged between 18 and 34)
  • Hopping between Starbucks jobs to pay the interest on their PHDs.

Smart marketers know the real money lurks a generation-or-two older.

BABY BOOMERS lived through decades of affordable housing, safe jobs, fat pensions and crazy stock market gains.

Shouldn’t they be the one’s you target?

Here’s what I think…

Too many businesses are ignoring this Gold Rush generation.

Even though Baby Boomers control 70% of all the disposable income.

And here’s something even more shocking:

They also respond better to offline advertising:

>> 73% prefer getting new product/service offers by mail

>> Only 31% say they discard unopened commercial mail

>> Less than 10% prefer hearing from a new company through email

Fact is…

…If you are not sending direct mail, or doing any press advertising, you could be leaving mega money behind.

I know. I’ve seen the results.

A 6-page letter for Lexis Nexis pulled £50,000 from a SINGLE reply. A second campaign pulled over £2million.

And that’s just one client.

Here’s what else good old-fashioned paper-and-ink advertising can do:

  • A 10% response-rate (more than double the industry average) during the worst mailing month of the year
  • A 700% sales increase
  • A series of high-ticket weekend getaways – priced at £4589 – sold out

Are you ready to strike this Baby Boomer goldmine?

Well, I’ve been reading this old letter from the back issues of the late, great Gary Halbert.

A lot of my first email responses on this blog have been from people interested in becoming copywriters. Not only is Gary Halbert one of the first people you should study…

…That letter above reveals a simple way to get results from cheap, little classified ads – the advertising medium liked and trusted by more baby boomers.

I’m thinking up a campaign to run for my business in the fall.

I’ll let you know how it goes. And, if it works, you’re welcome to copy. Classified ads are running in my local business paper for around $100/week. If that $100 lands one big-fish baby boomer, who knows? We could be talking $$$$$$$.

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