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A while back I put a deadly dull idea to my agency partners: “Why don’t we set up a ‘Creative Consultation’ service?” I said. “That’ll bring in some more money.” And you know what? It did bring in money. LOTS of money. Because you can spin these consultations into a veiled sales message. Suppose you [...]

My mentor Drayton Bird once told me, “Relevance beats brilliance every day of the week.” I was trying too hard to be a Don-Draper-style creative maverick. Until I realised the simple fact which underpins everything in marketing, I could never get to grips with what he meant: Marketing, first and foremost, is a bridge. You [...]

I’ve just finished reading Simon Garfield’s excellent book, ‘To the Letter’. One of my favourite letter lessons comes from the Alice-In-Wonderland weirdo Lewis Carroll. Carroll, obviously, was a bit different from the crowd. Were he alive today, he’d have said all sorts of crazy things on social media, I’m sure. But he also had a [...]

What Becoming a Drug Dealer Teaches You

I just ploughed some of last year’s savings into “Pot Stocks.” No, I won’t go into detail of where I put the money. This is a creativity/marketing blog, not a finance advisory. (But if you send me an email I’ll tell you). So far so good. My picks just reported decent earnings and saw roughly an 8% [...]

Actually, I hate the term ‘personal brand.’ It sounds like another made-up marketing buzzword to bamboozle people. And who seriously cares? Be honest. Do you give a damn about my personal brand? Do I give a damn about yours? However, I’ve noticed 7 remarkable benefits to having a (cringe) ‘Personal Brand.’ In no particular order: [...]

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for those “Free Book: Just pay the postage” promotions. I almost never turn them down. However, I noticed I almost never do anything afterwards either. And that’s a big problem for the people giving those books away. It means they have a mooch on their hands. [...]

You must know your best 2 hours…

I was listening to an audio interview with the A-List copywriter, Carline Angolade-Cole. She was explaining how she doubled her output – and her earnings – in a single year. Angolade-Cole is in the alternative-health space. She has worked for big-name clients like Oprah. I don’t know what she gets paid, but I doubt it’s less [...]

One of my favourite bar-room conversation topics has to be ‘The Highest Paid Divorce Settlements.’ I find them fascinating: Michael Jordan – $168million Arnold Schwartzenegger – over $250million Mel Gibson – $425million But now the hammer is coming down on a new marital split. And this is one hot tamale. I’m talking, of course, about $multi-billionaire [...]

Tucker Carlson is an Infotainment Beast

Wifey dropped this in my Christmas stocking… Well let me tell you: this is the most entertaining non-fiction book I’ve read in years. I demolished the entire book in 2 sittings. Maybe it’s my natural libertarian tendencies. Wifey knows I’m of the opinion that most politicians are fools, and I enjoy reading stories which confirm [...]

Showbiz has a saying: You should get off the stage before people tell you to get off the stage. Today’s best example has to be Robert De Niro. Did you see him on-stage at the Tony Awards? It’s thoroughly depressing. But life does this to a man – and maybe some women too. One minute [...]